Google Adword

Google advertising is in short known as Google Adwords, in this advertisers are going through the auction in which they are bidding in some keywords, who win the auction get clickable ads which are shown on Google’s search results.

It has two important factor

  1. Cost per click [CPC]
  2. Quality score

What are the benefits of Google Adwords?

  • In Google Adwords every single point of marketing campaigns is noticeable
  1. Number of clicks
  2. Click through rate [CTR]
  3. Number of impressions
  4. Cost per acquisition
  5. Conversion rate
  6. Number of conversions
  7. Cost per click
  8. Return on investment [ROI]


  • One of the best benefits is that advertise is pay amount when the customer can click on ads.
  • Who has a high-quality score, win the auction.
  • In Google AdWords, the ad is relevant.
  • The Online advertiser is targeting maximizing return on investment. They targeting different channels
  1. Mobile targeting
  2. Location targeting
  3. Time targeting
  4. Language targeting