Facebook Ad

Facebook ads are created for a business purpose. It is based on users’ activities, information used by the device, demographic information. It is shown in the news feed on the mobile or desktop on the right sides.

Facebook ads get easily engagement because 80% peoples used Facebook. It is easy to get interact with the true customer.

What are the benefits of Facebook ads?

  • In Facebook, the audience is targeted by their age, choice, interest, and location.
  • Now a day, 80% people using Facebook. Peoples check facebook page multiple times. It is an easy way to connect with peoples.
  • Spend $5 to reach 1000 to 1500 people. Facebook ads have low price as compare to other ads like radio ads, television ads, and billboards.
  • Facebook has high domain authority, Facebook ads can help in increasing social signals. It can help to increase SEO ranking.
  • Facebook ads have cut losses immediately and get more conversions. It is not possible to change ads on another platform immediately, in its ads can change immediately.