Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending email to their new customer, current customer or potential customer. It is one segment of internet marketing. In Email marketing, the commercial message is sent to their customer, these massage helps to promote products and services. It is a new way of marketing, email marketing is engaging customer easily, its main focus is to a developed relationship with their customers or clients.
It is same like direct mail, but not like send mail through postcards and an electronic message.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

  • In email marketing, it has a good return on investment; as compared to other channels it is better to the source of investment in marketing.
  • As compared to mainstream marketing channels, email marketing is lower at cost. In it the main expense in on software to track, automate and evaluate the emails. Thousands of emails are sent at a time.
  • Worst email automatically gets spam.
  • Email marketing does not need hug team members. Easily created with attractive logo, video, and templates. Much email marketing platform includes drop editors and drag offers because of this create campaigns.
  • Most successful campaigns have simple plain text emails and its content has a most important thing.
  • Subscribers get billions of offers in deals. The people who click on subscribe button can get an email for the offer, new product launch details, and discount.
  • Results are shown within minutes an email is sent. Offers a 48 hours sale is a great marketing policy which convinces customers to take immediate action.