2016 was no doubt a year of many great changes. Link building has always played an important part of Google’s algorithms. Many digital marketers, however, saw that its value has decreased while others argue that its significance has been consistently increasing its value ever since. Speculations may be founded on:   Decreased value in link

Millions of entrepreneurs have found that a great way to get their business across is through the internet. Creating and planning marketing campaigns can take some time, but the results can be overwhelming. If you have a small scale business and have a website for it — but due to the many demands everyday have

Google aims to sift through the world’s information as we are at our most advantageous when information is acquired. The well-known search engine of our century that is Google was created in the era of putting together web content which is basically attainable through a simple text box. Web users could input any query they

Search engine optimization can be too much of a work and time-consuming to millions of small businesses and startup companies. This one part of digital marketing can be even more daunting if you have limited marketing funding, and can’t spend any more money at your marketing campaign like your biggest competitors can.   But there

Add a +1 Button to Your Blog Posts If you have a blog on your website be sure to add a +1 button widget to all of your posts so that your readers can share your content on Google+ easily. Just search for “Google + button” and you will find the code. Add a Google+